A N N A   K L I N K H A M M E R   G A L E R I E

Böhlerweg 56
D-40549 Düsseldorf
by invitation and appointment only
28 Mar - 30 May 2009


Lea Asja Pagenkemper
Nervenwaage/Nerve scales*

27.03. until 23.05.2009
Anna Klinkhammer Galerie
Herderstr. 20, D-40237 Düsseldorf
Opening: 27/03/2009, 07-09 p.m.

That which is beautiful sometimes reveals its beauty/Und das was schön ist gibt sein Schönes manchmal preis. For the third solo exhibition by Lea Asja Pagenkemper at the Anna Klinkhammer Gallery the viewer requires a thick skin. Snotty, defiant and not leering at the market, this student of Prof. Georg Baselitz's master-class developed a competent handling of painting and subjects.

Prevalent expectations are not being satisfied, because Lea Asja Pagenkemper decidedly breaks with the traditional concept of form and content, which she completely puts into contrast along the lines of: So, what did you expect? For instance with the hokey Idyll with dove in the manner of the classical modernity, in which she inserts the words: desease, blame, poverty or in a grey romantic landscape, in which she scratches Kill Idyll.

She recently extended her repertoire and now uses titles, which in relation to the inserted words in turn create a new picture-semantic, for instance in the painting 'Voluminöser Abgrund', that shows a brown heap in which the word tender is written in tiny letters. Other paintings like Dieses Versprechen, dieser Wahnsinn or Mein größter Wunsch ist es dir zu gefallen pulsate, as if something is hidden under the mainly horizontal strips of colour and is trying to get out to the surface. In this way Lea Asja Pagenkemper's paintings somehow turn into hidden picture puzzles. Messages seem to vibrate under their layers of paint.

Lea Asja Pagenkemper enthrals the viewer emotionally through her bold manner of painting, doing without an illusionist dimensional perspective, as well as emotional-intellectual with the lyrical text-passages, thereby triggering new associations and opening new dimensions of thought. In doing so - mixing aphorisms, personal experiences and zeitgeist. The immediate access to her works results from provocation. It is the direct appeal of the painting as well as the train of thought, with which Lea Asja Pagenkemper equips her works. Her paintings are like a sip of champagne, they tingle. (Dr. Stefanie Lucci, Art&Public, Presse- und Informationsdienst für Kunst. This Text is released for unrestricted publication in the press media.)

Lea Asja Pagenkemper was born in 1976 in Berlin, studied from 2000 until 2005 at the Universität der Künste Berlin, in 2003 she received the Erasmus scholarship, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and in 2004 the Dorothea Konwiarz scholarship for painting, Berlin.

For further Informationen und picture-material please contact:
Anna Klinkhammer Galerie, Herderstr. 20, 40237 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 211 586 39-30, Mobil: +49 172 43 44 557, www.anna-klinkhammer.de

* (Antonin Artaud)
Die ganze Nacht O heisst sie nicht aufstehen Free your mind   your ass will follow
Für K. Das was sie nicht sehen, wenn sie nicht sehen cool
Cross II Halb zog sie ihn ... I am so sorry
It's not your smile Mystify my love Mystify my love 2/3
Mystify my love 3/3 Tauchender Indianer Tränen für Mama
Und was schön ist Voluminöser Abgrund Dieses Versprechen
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