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Assalamu´alaikum, I´m fine!
5 Nov - 18 Dec 2004

Theme of the exhibition

" Assalamu´alaikum, I´m fine! "

watercolour works of
Aminudin Th. Siregar


Assalamu´alaikum in Islam means: regards and safety far all of you ... this active sentence especially said when one moslem get into a room, a house, mosque, burial, sacred place, spiritual place. The sentence also said when one moslem meetthe other moslem, people and also for opening sentence of the ceremony, praying and for other Islamic cultural and religious activity. The passive sentence for answering, for people To respond is: " Wa´alaikum Salam ".

I put the sentence together with " I´m fine " phrase. Those sentence become paradox And dilematics, because the sentence supported to be " Wa´alaikum Salam, I´m fine! " Because represents my respond. But, I do that for my personal reasons that problem of my religion is my own problem for today and maybe for my other days in the future. So, the sentence represents that I was in paradocal situations. The sentence has the meaning as a personal activity also include his personal passivitely. I did the salam, but I also respond my own salam. So, this is paradox and discontinuity.

In my works, I put out pigs, hare (rabbit), man who standing with saroong (clothes for moslems to pray but also used by other religions ), a burning house, jilbab (for woman moslem), a mad cow, selfportrait, a shark, eggs, etc. They became my personal metapher or symbol wich represented the problem of mine as moslem. The works also are my personal opinion for universal people, especially men as a center in philosophy history. For me, men should critisize themsemselves and I did critisize myself as a man. I represented myself as a fat moslem nothingness man in my works.

Aminudin Th. Siregar
leaving room with chair moslem fight with pig moslem fight with pig
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